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One-click screenshots, video recordings, APK installations for Android phones and smartwatches connected to your Mac

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Android tool for mac


Download the latest version here

To install using homebrew-cask, run brew cask install androidtool in the terminal.

What's this?

Android tool lets you do common Android designer and developer tasks in one click:

Recording video

Android Tool outputs both mp4 and an animated gif. The animated gif can be placed in a Google Docs document or an email.

Installing apps

Double click any APK file on your hard drive and Android Tool pops up asking you onto which device you want to install it.

Plain old screenshots

Take screenshots of one or all devices connected to your mac - in one click, or by pressing cmd-shift-S

Your own scripts

Add your own perfect bash shell scripts to the scripts folder and execute them on a single device, or all devices connected to your Mac. See the example script in the scripts folder how to target a the user-selected device.